The Secrets of the Shallows



The Lucy Morgan Adventure Series


‘The Secrets of the Shallows’

Having moved from London to Pontus Island in the Caribbean, 12-year-old Lucy is enjoying her new-found diving skills with her friends Jack and Solomon.

When Lucy, Jack and Sol discover how human activity is destroying the habitats of rare ocean creatures, they are determined to protect both marine creatures and the island’s special natural environment.

Can Lucy overcome the challenges ahead to make a difference to life in the oceans?

Not just an adventure story but an opportunity to learn about oceans and how to look after them. 


Children are loving these books:

‘This book is a thrilling adventure about Lucy and her friends Jack and Solomon. It’s an exciting book if you like books with cliff hangers everywhere look no further. I really enjoyed this story and I can’t wait to read the next one in the series.’   (Dylan, aged 10)

 ‘I really enjoyed the book and thought it was an excellent sequel. The thrill that came out of it was great! People like Lucy are especially important in this world because they care about the environment and show us how to look after it. I found it an essential lesson about the sea, and what we can do to help it.’    (George, 11)

Teachers are loving these books:

The author manages to combine an exciting adventure with the environmental concerns a young girl has about ocean creatures. A very current theme and beautifully written.   (Chloe -Year 4 teacher)


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