Gloria (the WeirdFish Lady) is an author, speaker, educator
and champion for the ocean environment.

Science Educator, Author and Presenter, Gloria Barnett has spent more than 30 years exploring the world’s oceans.  She is also a master scuba diver and sailor.  She has worked as an educational advisor developing teaching materials for the UK national curriculum as well as travelling the world lecturing and teaching young and old about our planet and its amazing sea life.  



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Breaking News - New Book out soon !


Following the success of

’50 Fabulous Facts about Ocean Animals’








 – here is the next book in the series

’50 Fabulous Facts about Oceans’


Due to be released at Easter 2024 – watch this space for information about how to pre-order your copy. 




Here are all the books available so far from this author. 

Details of each book is below: 

The Amazing World Beneath the Waves

– An Introduction to Understanding the Oceans

In this easy-to-read illustrated guide, Gloria shares her knowledge, enthusiasm and love of the sea,

explaining in accessible terms

the fascinating underwater world of our planet’s oceans. 

‘This book deserves be in every  school and college library –  and on all home bookshelves.’

 Satisfy your curiosity about everything ‘Ocean.’  

Available in soft cover from all outlets.

‘I have no hesitation in recommending this book to both children and adults alike. The illustrations, graphs and photographs support the text which is both absorbing, educational and entertaining.’   (Stephen P.)


Write your own   ‘Did you Know’   facts

from the mass of easy-to-read information in this incredible book.

50 Fabulous Facts about Ocean Creatures

For all ages

includes:   Ocean Animal Species,    Adaptation of life in the Ocean, The Largest creatures in the Ocean, Invertebrates  and   Humans and Oceans.

This non-fiction book enables you to discover some of the weird and wonderful creatures in the oceans.

Available in paperback from all outlets.

Available as an e-book from Amazon. 

‘The facts are amazing and the images are stunning’

(Paul Bishop – Parent)

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The Lucy Morgan Adventure Series

‘More than just adventure stories – these books should be part of every child’s reading experience to help them understand the world they live in.’ (Helen, Grandparent)

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela. ..

The Lucy Morgan Adventure Stories

for ages 8 – 13

The author manages to combine exciting adventures with the environmental concerns a young girl has about ocean creatures. A very current theme and beautifully written.’         Chloe (Year 4 Teacher)

Original and exciting stories with a twist.  You can learn real scientific facts and understand more about keeping the oceans healthy, as well as reading a really good adventure.‘    (Booklife Review)

‘Lucy is a girl who never gives up her fight for what she believes in. She shows we can make adults aware of problems and children can make a difference to the planet.’                Esme (age 9)

Readers will relate to the friendship between Lucy, Jack and Solomon and use the characters as role models. Exceptional stories.’  (School Librarian)

‘I couldn’t put this book down. Fabulous storytelling.’       (Charlie, aged 11)

Available in paperback from all outlets. Available as an e-book from Amazon. 

The Reviews are rushing in !!!

February 1st 2024 - A review for 'The Secrets of the Shallows'

This review is based on readings of the book by 8-13 year olds with an adult editing the responses of the children. 


       Review organised by ‘Book Commentary – US’ 

Reviewed By: Jane Riley

Reviewed Date: February 1, 2024

Category: Children – Adventure

The Secrets of the Shallows by Gloria Barnett is an enthralling addition to the Lucy Morgan Adventure Series, tailored for readers aged 8-13. Barnett, a real-life ocean explorer and educator, weaves an engaging narrative that not only captivates young readers with its adventurous plot but also imparts valuable lessons about environmental conservation. The story follows 12-year-old Lucy Morgan, who, after settling on Pontus Island in the Caribbean, explores her newfound diving skills alongside friends, Jack and Solomon. Trusted to assist at the Dive Centre, the trio helps scuba instructor, Dan, teach diving skills to locals and tourists. However, the idyllic underwater world hides dangers, especially for inexperienced divers. When Lucy, Jack, and Solomon uncover the detrimental impact of human activities on rare ocean creatures’ habitats, they embark on a mission to protect marine life and preserve the island’s unique environment. The young dive team faces challenges, confrontations, and conflicts as they strive to make a difference in the oceans.

Barnett intelligently explores environmental themes and creates characters that young readers will adore. While the novel provides great adventure and entertainment, it offers valuable material to engage young readers in discussion about the environment and an awareness of how human behavior affects the ecosystem. There is an awesome meld of adventure, environmental themes, and science facts, and these make The Secrets of the Shallows an excellent read for the target age group. The young readers express enthusiasm for Lucy’s character, the thrilling storyline, and the essential lessons about the sea and environmental responsibility. Lucy is a nuanced heroine who will captivate young readers; she is cleverly written with character traits that portray the perfect protagonist and icon for children. The author’s ability to merge fictional storytelling with real-world facts inspires readers to consider their role in environmental stewardship. With cliffhanging chapters that keep readers hooked, Barnett delivers a brilliant and thrilling adventure that encourages young minds to appreciate and protect the wonders of the natural world. My 9-year-old daughter read this book to me and the experience was exceptional. 

Feb 8 2024 - A review for 'Eye of the Turtle"

Eye of the Turtle

Eye of the Turtle is a remarkable environmental fiction novel that delivers a compelling story and serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for environmental conservation. Author Gloria Barnett intertwines a tale of adventure, friendship, and activism, creating an enlightening and deeply moving narrative.

The story unfolds on the idyllic Pontus Island, a place that becomes a sanctuary and a battleground for the young protagonist, Lucy, and her friends, Jack and Solomon. Lucy’s relocation to the island marks the beginning of a transformative journey. Her passion for the ocean and its inhabitants is infectious, and it is this passion that drives the story forward. The trio’s underwater explorations are vividly described, bringing to life the beauty and fragility of the marine ecosystem. Scenes where they encounter sea creatures entangled in plastic or trapped in debris are particularly heart-wrenching, effectively highlighting the devastating impact of human negligence on nature.

Lucy is a beacon of hope and determination. Her resolve to make a difference in the face of overwhelming odds is inspiring. Jack and Solomon complement Lucy’s character, adding layers of camaraderie and support to the story. Their dynamics are a testament to the power of teamwork and collective action in addressing environmental issues.

The author’s writing style seamlessly blends narrative flair and educational content. Descriptions of marine life and diving experiences are not only informative but also integral to the story’s progression. The educational elements are woven into the fabric of the story, making the learning experience organic and engaging. This approach enhances the reader’s understanding and appreciation of the ocean’s wonders and the importance of its preservation.

The themes of environmental conservation and activism are the heart and soul of this novel. The author does not shy away from depicting the harsh realities of environmental degradation, yet the tone remains hopeful and empowering. This balance is one of the book’s greatest strengths, as it motivates young readers to reflect on their role in protecting the environment.

The blend of engaging narrative, well-developed characters, and a meaningful message creates a rich, immersive experience. Eye of the Turtle is a delightful read and a crucial reminder of our collective responsibility towards our planet. It is a novel that urges readers to look at the world with a more compassionate and proactive eye.

Pages: 181 | ISBN : 1838064303

“November 2023 – from Gloria …. ‘ Following a purchase of Eye of the Turtle by a parent – I received this message today.
 It bought tears … (good tears!) to my eyes!’
“Our son doesn’t really like reading and this is the first time  he actually told me he is enjoying a book (they have a copy in school)
and he reads it because he wants to, not because he has to.
So we are hoping that he will go on reading the other books in the series too and it will finally lead him to enjoy books. “
‘Elena (Parent) ‘   Kent, UK

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Eye of the Turtle

The Secrets of the Shallows

The Hidden Cave

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Here’s a treat for little people !

The Fishy Tales Storybooks

for ages 3-6 years. 

The stories are entertaining, informative and a good introduction to myriad and diverse life in the oceans. These tales deal with a wide variety of moral values, feelings and other aspects of personal and social well-being. Great for parents to share with youngsters, and perfect for Early Year storytime in schools.    Lots of starting points for discussion. 

‘The Fishy Tale Storybooks are fun underwater storylines with scientific facts about ocean creatures at the back of the book.’   Josie Rolph – (Grandma)

Available in paperback from all outlets. Available as e-books from Amazon. 

These books are available as a set of three – from the shop on this website – at a special offer price!

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Gloria’s work for charity 

Did you know Gloria has written a  Christmas Book …        illustrated by the wonderful Mandy Broughton?

Three stories in one book – set at the North Pole when Santa and his elves are getting ready for the Christmas.

It’s published by the Rotary Club of Canterbury Sunrise  to help raise funds for local youth charities and is available from this website.
It’s a great reading resource for parents, grandparents and teachers  … for all the little people in your world.
Why not help our charity work this Christmas by purchasing your very own copy?

Go to:  www.barnettauthor.co.uk/shop.

Hi everyone 

 My name is Prickle – and I’m Gloria’s Assistant.   Here’s  Gloria – chatting away on stage !

Gloria – the Presenter

Gloria on stage during a recent speaking tour in Scandinavia. She’s having fun with her audience whilst talking about sharks.

Dates for your Diary

Gloria is now signed up for her work out of the UK at various times throughout 2024.  There will be times, when she is in the centre of an ocean, and can’t receive phone or text messages, however, she promises to respond to all emails / orders / requests for school visits – as quickly as possible – thank you in advance for your patience.  

Gloria – the Educator

Now,  some news about the educational materials which are available from this website

Please note – our amazing teaching resource is now only available in digital format for teachers to download directly to their classroom computer. 

Go to the SHOP on this website to purchase your

 – digital packs of Teacher’s Resources

  – books for your school library or classroom. 


 Awards for the Lucy Morgan Adventure Series books!

                                                    ‘Eye of the Turtle’

        reached the quarter-finals of the BookLife Awards – October 2021.

“Congratulations! Your book was named one of the quarter finalists in the 2021 BookLife Prize Fiction Contest.

This year’s Fiction Contest had over 900 entries, so you can be proud that your book was judged by our reviewers as one of the best.

On behalf of everyone at BookLife, thank you for your participation in the BookLife Prize–and for writing such a noteworthy book.”

signed: Carl Pritzkat, President of BookLife.com

Great news – ‘The Secret of the Shallows’  

was a FINALIST in the Wishing Shelf Awards.

This award is chosen by the children who  read it.

Now for three reviews of  the Lucy Morgan Adventure Series

Here’s a ’10 out of 10′ professional review for “Eye of the Turtle” – the first book in the series of the Lucy Morgan Adventure Series.


Plot: In the first of a three-book adventure series for middle-grade readers, eleven-year-old Lucy is moving away from everything she has ever known. The Caribbean is a long way from London, but she soon finds friends Jack and Solomon, who introduce her to the beach and the ocean’s wondrous creatures. As Lucy finds out, plastic poses a serious threat to the ocean environment, and mitigating that danger leads her to find the courage to learn new skills and brave the ocean deep, which, of course, just might be full of sea monsters.

Prose/Style: The author moves the story along quickly in keeping with Lucy’s sharp mind and ability to adapt to her new situation. Each character has a refreshingly distinctive, consistent voice and point of view.

Originality: Gloria Barnett (aka the WeirdFish Lady) uses Lucy’s move to the Caribbean as a vehicle for introducing readers to sea life. She has handled the device well and by focusing so emphatically on her cast of interesting characters she turns the story into a compelling read.

Character Development/Execution: Lucy is a self-aware and perceptive pre-teen and with the help of her friends, learns the skills she needs to feel comfortable in her new home (including learning to swim and scuba dive) and, as she overcomes her fears, even finds a way to contribute to cleaning up the environment.

Plot/Idea: 10:
Originality: 10:
Prose: 10:
Character/Execution: 10
Overall Score: 10.00

Date Review Submitted: August 10, 2021

Here’s a professional review for “The Secret of the Shallows” – the second book in the series of Lucy Morgan Adventure Series.


 January 2022

TITLE: The Secrets of the Shallows:

AUTHOR: Gloria Barnett

‘A twisting, turning ‘battle the odds’ adventure story for 9 –13 year olds.’

I can sum the plot up for you in a sentence: the young protagonist (Lucy) and her pals discover that humans are destroying an underwater habitat and do everything they can to protect it. If that all sounds very ‘politically correct’, then, yes, it sort of is. And I for one enjoyed it very much.

Gloria Barnett is a very talented author.  From the opening – and very well-written – first chapter, this is a compelling story. The plot is cleverly constructed, the island and underwater settings are splendidly described, the pacing is spot on – and the characters! Wow! They deliver BIG TIME!                   I particularly liked Lucy; she’s brave, strong-minded, and determined to do the right thing – a good role model for any child. The author knows how to describe the hero’s feelings when battling the odds.

So, who will enjoy this book? To be honest, I think pretty much any child between the age of 9 and 13 will find this a compelling read. It’s predominantly an adventure with plenty happening all of the time.

To sum up, this is a captivating story of mystery solving, overcoming the odds and adventure. 


A Wishing Shelf Review


Here’s a great review from ‘The Book Life Prize’ for  ‘The Hidden Cave’

The Book Life Prize

Title: The Hidden Cave: A Lucy Morgan Adventure Story

Author: Gloria Barnett

Genre: Fiction/Mystery/Thriller

Audience: YA/Middle Grade

Word Count: 38776

Review/ Assessment:

Plot/Idea: Gloria Barnett once again delivers an underwater-focused plot that builds slowly, with intriguing elements added, such as using sign language to communicate while diving. Readers will be riveted by the story’s exploration of dark and mysterious spaces at the bottom of the ocean.

Prose: The prose reflects diving terminology that elevates the story’s authenticity, and Gloria craft-polished dialogue feels relaxed and logical for the situation.  

Originality: Gloria helps readers understand the natural environment of the underwater world and provides readers with educational snippets throughout the novel.  There is information on relevant sea life included at the end. Story-specific jargon gives readers an immediate connection with the plot.

Character/Execution: Lucy’s first-person perspective rings true, and her growth into a self-assured advocate by the end of the story is admirable. 

Report Submitted: June 28, 2023

Wow !  thanks everyone for writing these wonderful reviews about all three of the Lucy Morgan Adventure Series.  

I’m writing Book 4 – now !!   Watch this space ….


Hi, everyone … Prickle here !  

That’s enough breaking news for a while … now let me get started and help to guide you around this website……..

Firstly – let me tell you about Gloria

Based in Kent in the UK, she is an 

author, speaker, educator and champion for the ocean environment.


  • speaks to all generations and has been applauded for her ability to explain science in everyday language and with humour

  • writes fiction and non-fiction books to increase awareness  about her subject 

  • produces teaching resources  and regularly visits schools as the ‘Weird Fish Lady’ helping young people engage with the problems facing our planet.

In the past couple of years, Gloria has spoken to audiences all over the UK, Australia, South Africa, the USA and Norway about the importance of oceans to life on Earth. Her talks are illustrated with original photos and underwater video. 
Hi – Prickle the Pufferfish  here again.

 To find out all about Gloria’s work as the

‘The WeirdFish Lady’

and how she does virtual visits to primary schools … take a look at the Teacher’s page.




Gloria says – 


‘Yeah – Okay, Prickle – but

 just remember I talk about ‘Weird Fish’ – I’m NOT a  Weird Lady …OK !

(Although those who know me well might think differently!)”


‘My love of the sea comes from travelling around the world exploring our planet’s oceans.

Diving with my video camera has brought me face to face with the underwater creatures I talk and write  about.

My mission is to help people of all ages understand the amazing  world of oceans.’

Click left to go diving

with Gloria in the Red Sea in Egypt. 

This is a wreck of a ship that sank in 1874. Can you see any metal bits between all the coral.


Education is the key to saving  life and the natural habitats on our planet.

Teachers? Have you visited the Books page and the Teacher’s page yet?

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