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Ocean World Teachers Resource (for ages 8-12).
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Ocean World Teacher’s Resource is available now !

Written by: Gloria Barnett and Andrew Lamb

A wealth of resources to teach children about the Earth’s
oceans and why we need to protect them

Everything you need to teach about the oceans
Young or old, we all need to fully understand the importance of the oceans to our life here on Earth. The Ocean World Resource Pack has been specifically designed to enable teachers to address the issues facing the health of our oceans. Packed full of cross-curricular activities, videos, games, posters, books and of course essential teacher guidance, this box will help your pupils understand, respect, value and help protect our oceans.

Whether you approach the subject as a cross-curricular project or as individual topics for more focused investigation, this pack ensures that you have everything you need to teach about our Ocean with confidence and encourage your pupils to become environmentally responsible young people.

The box contains:
• Teacher’s notes
• Book ‘The Amazing World Beneath the Waves’
• Posters x 2
• Snap Cards
• Water Cycle Cards
• 8 Activities; Ocean World, Exploring the Deep, The Importance of Water, What lives in the Ocean? Food Chains, Marine Adaptations, Ocean Habitats, Ocean Pollution
• ‘Ambassador for the Ocean’ Certificate

The FREE downloadable resources are:
• Film Guide
• Film Clips; Corals, Invertebrates, Fish, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals
• Powerpoint files for all 8 activities.

How to buy the Ocean World Teachers’ Resource –
go to this link and buy direct from the publisher.

“I am not a science specialist, but this box gave me all the tools I needed to teach this subject with confidence. Everything’s supplied – it’s like teaching with an expert at your elbow.“


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