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Why not start your school year with an exciting visit from the Weird Fish Lady? 

Topic: Ocean Environment & Ocean Creatures

Invite the ‘Weird Fish Lady’ into your school for a  Zoom visit  and get a

Special gift of a sample pack of Gloria’s books

free with visits in 2023 only! 

Contact me at: gloria.barnettauthor.co.uk

to discuss the requirements for your school and get a quote for your schools’ ‘individualised’ visit.

What to expect from a WeirdFish Lady visit:

Weird Fish Lady zoom visits … are ‘ocean’ themed to help with your science week or environmental project on oceans … and can include a school assembly as well as class-based activities.

There are different sessions available for different age groups. 

Using ZOOM  – these virtual visits can take place all around the UK, or overseas … I’ve recently done three visits to Dubai … where I spoke to between 300 and 700 children at a time about the books I have written!

My visits are available throughout the year. Contact me at


to discuss the requirements for your school and get a quote for your schools’ ‘individualised’ visit. 

Gloria also does author-based visits to Years 5 and 6 in UK Primary Schools – encouraging students to write their own fabulous stories.  Choose between a Science or an Author visit – or apply for two separate visits to cover both subject areas. 

Following my Weird Fish Lady visit  in October 2023 to a school in Kent I received this e-mail …

‘Hi Gloria,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your sessions yesterday! The children and teachers really enjoyed it and they all learned a lot. They were so excited about the books and posters too, thank you so much for gifting those to the school.’

School Leader – Reading


‘I’ve recommended Gloria’s zoom visits to a number of schools. I know how inspiring she is and how much the schools appreciate and enjoy her visits.’


   Assistant Coordinator Rotary Zone 19.

REVIEW of a Weird Fish Lady visit:

‘Thank you SO much for giving us all the most wonderful afternoon today – we all loved it and the children were so interested and got so much from your Talk and Videos.  They simply loved hearing your answers to all their questions. 

Many thanks for taking time to do this for us.  It was such a super afternoon and tied in so well with this term’s Topic, ‘The Environment’.

We would love to have you back to talk to us in the future.’

S. Robertson (Teacher i/c Junior School. Aberdeen )


When you sign up for a visit from the Weird Fish Lady – you will be able to take advantage of 

special prices for bulk buy orders of ocean-themed books, Teacher Resources for  schools or a Sample Book Pack.

Sample Book pack includes non-fiction Guide to the Oceans, Logan the Lobster (for 3-6 yrs) and Eye of the Turtle (for 8-13 years) – the first in a series of adventure stories with a science twist. 



A BIG THANK YOU to all the schools I’ve visited by zoom during  2021-2023 for making me feel so welcome. I’ve enjoyed being with you and am so pleased you have all enjoyed my visits.

I’m loving the images you’ve all sent to me!

Recommended Books for your Primary School



Ocean World Teacher's Resource

‘The Amazing World Beneath the Waves’

Ideal for Classroom or School Libraries

This is a guide to understanding the oceans – in this book you can learn about our Planet Earth, and the largest environment on our Planet – the oceans.

 Oceans are, of course, the largest environment on Earth and possibly the most important environment – as oceans provide the Earth with over 80% of the oxygen in the atmosphere. 


Special Offer

Buy the

Amazing World Beneath the Waves’ Book 


get this fabulous poster  – FREE


Watch the video below to hear about the details of the Ocean World Teachers’ Resource

HEY HUMAN – is a video that could change understanding about the environment – around the world.

Congratulations for amazing performances go to the pupils of Maazion and  Stoke Climsland Schools in Cornwall, UK.

This is incredible. 

Thank you Tanya Brittain – you have written a song that will inspire humans all over the world. 

FIlm (c) TrelawnysReach.com


Do your pupils need to ask a question about Oceans – then go to the ‘get in touch button’ and ask. 

A recent question from an 11 year-old was ‘Are all Sharks Dangerous?’

Gloria’s answer: –

‘There are over 400 different species of shark in our oceans. Only three are really dangerous to humans – most of them are just pussy-cats!  But, be aware of swimming in new areas of the world, ask the locals about any water safety issues and if warning flags go up – get out of the water.

Remember, Oceans are not a human environment.  

It’s the shark’s territory. It’s their home, not ours!

Avoid Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks and of course, the Great White Sharks. 

Please don’t go cage diving with Great Whites – this is only training these incredible creatures to associate food with humans – and can lead to future problems.’

Gloria works with an experienced team of professional educators at an organisation called

‘Footprint to the Future’

The team aims to provide teaching resources to help educate young people about planet Earth and its oceans.

Target Blue is a project aimed at improving student knowledge of the current marine conservation issues that affect life on their planet. 


Target Blue Resources

Ocean World Teacher’s Resource is available now !

Written by: Gloria Barnett and Andrew Lamb

A wealth of resources to teach children about the Earth’s
oceans and why we need to protect them

Everything you need to teach about the oceans
Young or old, we all need to fully understand the importance of the oceans to our life here on Earth. The Ocean World Resource Pack has been specifically designed to enable teachers to address the issues facing the health of our oceans. Packed full of cross-curricular activities, videos, games, posters, books and of course essential teacher guidance, this box will help your pupils understand, respect, value and help protect our oceans.

Whether you approach the subject as a cross-curricular project or as individual topics for more focused investigation, this pack ensures that you have everything you need to teach about our Ocean with confidence and encourage your pupils to become environmentally responsible young people.

The box contains:
• Teacher’s notes
• Book ‘The Amazing World Beneath the Waves’
• Posters x 2
• Snap Cards
• Water Cycle Cards
• 8 Activities; Ocean World, Exploring the Deep, The Importance of Water, What lives in the Ocean? Food Chains, Marine Adaptations, Ocean Habitats, Ocean Pollution
• ‘Ambassador for the Ocean’ Certificate

The FREE downloadable resources are:
• Film Guide
• Film Clips; Corals, Invertebrates, Fish, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals
• Powerpoint files for all 8 activities.

How to buy the Ocean World Teachers’ Resource –
go to this link and buy direct from the publisher.

Now Available – go to the shop on this website 

The Ocean World Teacher’s Resource is NOW available in digital form – in three packs – so you can buy a small bit of the full resource a bit at a time to suit your teaching needs. 


“I am not a science specialist, but this box gave me all the tools I needed to teach this subject with confidence. Everything’s supplied – it’s like teaching with an expert at your elbow.“


Schools – Bulk Buying Opportunities

If you are looking to bulk buy our  books and resources for primary schools in the UK. 

Get in touch with our team by email (see top of this page) for individual bulk order requirements. We’re happy to give you the best possible prices.

We are constantly adding new titles to our published resources so contact us to organise your ‘mix and match’ choices!