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New News is Old News !

Incredibly large Sea Scorpions once hunted in the ancient seas around Australia.  Some of them were giants compared to humans.

A long time ago in Earth’s history between 500 million and 250 million years ago, animals with exoskeletons (shells on the outside of their bodies – similar to present-day crabs and lobsters) were exploring the seas.

Some of these creatures were the largest animals on Earth at the time.

Fossils have recently been found in Australia, of a giant scorpion-like creature over 2.5 metres long (about the size of a modern great white shark).

Luckily humans didn’t exist at that time – so no-one was swimming around in the sea.

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A photo from Susannah

Hi Gloria, Thanks for letting me review your book. Here is my photo of when I got close to a dolphin a few years ago. It seemed to like me.

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Will Jellyfish take over the world?

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Ancient Anchovies

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Viruses in the Ocean

Tens of millions of different kinds of viruses might be lurking in the oceans.  They are incredible small (as many as 10 million viruses can be found in a millilitre

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