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A photo from Susannah

Hi Gloria, Thanks for letting me review your book. Here is my photo of when I got close to a dolphin a few years ago. It seemed to like me.

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Will Jellyfish take over the world?

Scientists Find The First-Ever Animal That Doesn’t Need Oxygen to Survive Michelle Starr 25 Feb 2020 Scientists have just discovered that a jellyfish-like parasite doesn’t have a mitochondrial genome –

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Ancient Anchovies

Scientists have found a fossil which shows ‘sabre-toothed’ anchovies in the sea millions of years ago – with enormous, sharp teeth. Anchovies nowadays are very tiny fish, about half the

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Viruses in the Ocean

Tens of millions of different kinds of viruses might be lurking in the oceans.  They are incredible small (as many as 10 million viruses can be found in a millilitre

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