Gloria gives educational ‘Insight-Style’ Lectures on Oceans to Clubs, Conferences and audiences around the world.
Gloria visits schools as the WeirdFish Lady.

Breaking News !

Gloria is busy talking to audiences around the world now everyone has returned to ‘travel’ again … BUT she can’t be in two places at once!   So, Gloria now has a pre-recorded talk available –

‘Ocean World’  –  where you can learn why we all need to keep Oceans healthy ?

Why doesn’t your organisation arrange for a  ‘recorded’ visit from the WeirdFish Lady? 

You don’t have to miss out – just because Gloria is in the middle of the Atlantic or down in Australia!

Want to organise a recorded talk?

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Gloria’s Recent Events in the UK

 March 2022

Gloria and her fellow authors from the Authors and Educators on a Mission group took part in the Climate Conference run by  Climate Education Conference SOUTH YORKSHIRE.

They spoke  with children and teachers about the importance of books when learning about climate change. 


Visits to Rotary Clubs in 2022:





and Liverpool


Weird Fish Lady 

Talks to Primary Schools

– so far in 2022, the Weird Fish Lady presented Ocean Adventure Days in primary  schools in:



Maidenhead and


Author and Ocean Adventurer

Gloria  – LIVE – in the UK

Gloria presented four talks with video film clips to children  at the Maidenhead BIG Read in March 2022


Gloria is a speaker, author, educator and a well-informed champion of    marine conservation.

She gives a series of illustrated talks to audiences around the world.

Here I am on stage trying to convince my audience that sharks are just big pussy cats!

 Is that shark  smiling at me?

.  I have recently spoken to audiences all over the UK plus South Africa, Australia, USA and Norway.

 My talks aim to be ‘educational and entertaining’ – in the style of an ‘Insight Lecture’.

My talks last for ~40 minutes and include original film clips of underwater life.

My talks will contain:

a) interesting and fun information about the ocean environment.

b) the serious bit about the connection between the ocean and climate change. 

c) information on how everyone can help with education/environment projects for both adults and the younger generation

If you belong to an organisation which is looking for a professional speaker on the Environmental subject of ‘Oceans’ or ‘Climate Change’  then please contact me.  (There’s a ‘get in touch button’ at the top of this page) 

1. I was a Keynote Speaker at a UK Environmental Conference in Birmingham 2021.

2. I was invited to speak at the Rotary Ireland Virtual Conference on 6th March 2021

3. I took part in two International School sessions of a Right-to-Read Festival in Dubai,                               speaking to over 700 children, firstly in October 2020 and I returned again in May 2021.

4. May 2021 – another virtual Conference – this time Rotary District 1090 in the Thames Valley

5. June 2021 – Talks at the ‘Way with Words Literary Festival’  in Kent

6. I was invited to speak at the West of Scotland Rotary Conference on 2nd October 2021 but as I was actually in the middle of the North Sea on that day  I appeared in Glasgow by zoom from onboard the Cunard ship – ‘Queen Elizabeth.’

SO I can be in two places at once!!

How exciting was that?

7. I also spoke at the Rotary conference Wales in October and

8.  A talk to the Rotary International Yachting Federation. 

I was on the Pat Marsh BBC Radio Kent show on 2nd November at 2.30 pm and on Rotary Radio on 8th November at 12.30 pm.


Primary Schools in Kent  and Cardiff had WeirdFish Lady Visits in November – virtual zoom meetings of course – but wonderful events with very excited young people.                                        Take a look at the Teachers page … ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

During the covid pandemic I completed a total of 158 zoom talks to Clubs and Conferences from June 2020 to December 2021.


I am now accepting cruise contracts again – so my time to do zoom visits will be limited in the future  – but you can always contact me to check my availability.


What others say: 

‘Gloria is a passionate and well-informed champion of marine conservation. She is an ocean adventurer, scuba diver, film maker, scientist and an educator who has recently turned her hand to writing books for children, young and old. Her exciting stories are aimed at helping young people to understand the issues that threaten every one of us, as we all depend on an unpolluted ocean environment.

Many young children in the UK  affectionately know her as ‘The Weirdfish Lady’ due to her primary school workshops, assemblies, talks at parent evenings and her published teaching resource material.

Apart from her writing, Gloria has shared her message to a number of interested groups as an international speaker. Her presentations and books are based on her underwater encounters in seas around the world. She has swum with sharks and been attacked by an angry Titan Trigger Fish in the Red Sea,  got stung by a jellyfish in Indonesia and fought off a deadly Sea Krait (sea snake) in the waters off the Philippines. She has also amassed an extensive film footage and stories of gentle, strange and amazing sea creatures who live above and below the surface.’  

                                                                            Andrew Lamb M.A, N.P.Q.H (Primary Education Adviser)

Feedback from zoom talks (2020)

Surrey, UK (June 2020)

That was fabulous. Thank you so much!  All the comments after you left were 100% positive. Your talk made a great impact on members and visitors who joined us for the talk. (Sue)


South Africa (June 2020)

Thanks for a brilliant presentation last evening.   My WhatsApp nearly exploded immediately afterwards with appreciation. (Clive)

 Melbourne, Australia (July 2020)

Thank you for such a fascinating presentation last Wednesday! The club members I’ve been speaking to since really loved it – as did I of course! (David)



Feedback from zoom talks (2021)

Stavanger, Norway (January, 2021)

WOW!  That was superb – thank you so much!  Now you can add Stavanger to your list of accolades!
I’d wondered how you would manage to cover such a massive general topic… but you did an admirable job of enticing us all into your world before hitting us with “the important bits”!  I also know just how difficult it is to talk to a silent audience without any feedback at all, but you are clearly the consummate professional!!    I had a slew of messages right after we closed the meeting, all were very positive and wanted to pass on sincere thanks for your time and very engaging talk.    (Dee)                                                                         

Bernie, Southport, UK January ’21.  

Many thanks for your fabulous talk today, I have gained a greater understanding of the importance of protecting our oceans, I found it fascinating, very thought provoking and could have listened to you all day.                        Everyone was very positive and they all felt they had increased their ocean knowledge from your talk.      (Bernie) 


Liverpool, UK February 2021

Thank you so much for joining us this morning.  The conversation carried on after you left and all said how much they had enjoyed your talk and how much food for thought it had given them ! Not only are you entertaining so many of us with your wonderful stories and photos but educating us about our ocean world and making us realise how much we need to look after it and not abuse or harm it !  (Ann) 


Gloria is also welcomed into Primary Schools as the ‘Weird Fish Lady’ – encouraging young people to learn about the ocean environment.

Virtual Visits

can now also be arranged to any corner of the world.


‘The WeirdFish Lady having fun in a school in Staffordshire – as their guest during School Science Week