Want to know a little more about me?

Gloria Barnett – About the Author

What do you need to know?

My favourite socks are pink – with blue whales on them.                                                                                                                                                                       I’m older than JK Rowling and younger than Jacqueline Wilson!

 Yes – I have a family – married, with three grown up married children and seven super grandchildren – although I can’t possibly be old enough to be a grandma!  No cats or dogs – they make me sneeze!

I loved teaching science in schools, and whilst I was taller than most of the students in Year 7, my ‘A’ level Biology students looked up to me at the same time as looking down!

At the present time I wear 'three hats'-

Author of ocean themed books for all ages. Speaker at all types of Conferences and I regularly travel with Cunard to do Insight Lectures – always on the topic of the Ocean World. 
Educational Consultant – that sounds posh – but it means I have fun when I go into Primary Schools around the UK and present underwater adventure days. I visit schools as an ‘author’ too. 

What do I do for fun?

You’ll usually find me working but it doesn’t feel like work at all.
I’m a workaholic when writing my books – 7 days a week when I’m creating the Lucy Adventures or the stories for little learners. 
But I do take time off away from my desk to travel around the world.
I’ve been a sailor for most of my life – first owning a small dinghy at the age of 18. (It was the first thing that Chris and I purchased together, before we were even married.) We gradually worked our way up to bigger boats including a 35′ racing yacht, (taking part in races across the English Channel most summer weekends), and eventually ended up owning a Halburg Rassey 42′ cruising yacht. We’ve sailed mostly in UK, French and Netherlands waters on our own boat, but also explored Scotland and Greece on yachting holidays. Most of my sailing in the last few years has been with a Cunard captain at the helm.

Where have I dived?

Chris and I have dived in a variety of areas around the world – Mexico, USA, Caribbean Islands, Israel, Turkey, Red Sea in Egypt, Indonesia and the Philippines. All these places are close to the equator. I admit I don’t enjoy diving in cold water and have never dived in the UK – call me a wimp but I have watched videos from UK divers’ trips beneath the waves, and very beautiful it looks from my nice comfy ‘warm’ settee.

Filmmaker/Photographer – I love collating the underwater film I’ve shot during my dives around the world and I specialise in taking wildlife photos too. Nearly all the photos in this website were taken by me, such as the whale fluke at the header of the Teacher’s Resource Page (Iceland), and the Crab header on the gallery page (Brazil). 

I’m passionate about diving and oceans and my work aims to help people, both adults and children, to understand how incredibly fantastic the oceans are.

Gloria is also welcomed into Primary Schools as the ‘Weird Fish Lady’ – encouraging young people to learn about the ocean environment.

‘The WeirdFish Lady having fun in a school in Staffordshire - as their guest during
School Science Week’