Of course, it’s not too early to talk about Christmas



The Rotary Club of Canterbury Sunrise is launching a children’s book*

to raise money for local charities.

Get a copy for the little people in your family and spread a little Christmas magic around! 

                                    *Written by: Rotarian Gloria Barnett                                                                  *Illustrated by: Past Rotarian Mandy Broughton


Yeah – okay – we know this is not an Ocean Book – full of environment educational knowledge – but this book is a lot of fun – and it’s raising money for worthwhile charities.


15th October 2021


50 Fabulous Facts

about Ocean Creatures

For children and adults – this book will enable you to discover some of the weird and wonderful species of life in the oceans.

A book you can dip in and out of and learn about incredible wildlife

Order Now

and your book will be posted on 15th October 2021

TWO BOOKS released in ONE WEEK.

That’s fabulous!

‘Click  on the video on the right to find out ALL the information you need to understand the Teacher’s Resources and books available for you to GIFT to schools.’

“Rotary Clubs around the UK are becoming

‘Gloria’s Rotary Heroes

for the environmental work they are now doing with Primary School children. 

These Rotary Clubs are gifting educational resources to   primary schools.


Well done everyone !”

It all started in July 2020

One hundred and twenty copies of ‘Eye of the Turtle’ books were given to Year 6 Primary School pupils in Kent as leaving presents.

(July 2020) 

Thanks to the Rotary Club of Chestfield.

You are my heroes!

for gifting these to help children understand more about the ocean environment.

…  signing them all took a while!


A big thank you to the Rotary Club of Pontllanfraith in Wales for purchasing twenty-two ‘Eye of the Turtle’ books for local Primary School libraries.

You are my heroes for 

‘helping to educate young people about the ocean environment’ 

Thanks everyone !

More heroes on my list

 Rotary Club of


Following my  ‘Ocean World’

zoom talk last week they have just purchased a sample book pack for each of the primary schools in their area.

Fantastic ! Let’s hope the schools go

on to buy the Ocean World Teacher’s

Resource too and then have

fascinating lessons for 8-12-year-olds

on oceans, as well as exciting reading


You are my Rotary Heroes


Go to the bottom of the BOOKS

of this page for details of

special bulk order book prices for schools.

New Heroes on the block!

A BIG thank you goes to the

Rotary Club of Sidcup

for purchasing sample book packs and an Ocean World Teachers Resource for a local school.  This is a double whammy – as  Teachers get a valuable resource and children get exciting stories to read. 


More Heroic Deeds!

RC of Chelwood Bridge

have ordered copies of every resource we have published – they’re now making their decisions on how they are going to use these resources to help their local Primary Schools. 

Great work in Somerset.

 Thanks, everyone.

More Heroes

 eRotary Club of West Scotland

purchased TWO Ocean World Teacher’s Resource Boxes –  the teachers are so excited! 

Thank you West Scotland!

AND even more Heroes !

 Rotary Club of Titsey in Surrey

have purchased 42 books as leaving presents for a Primary school in Surrey.

Thank you Titsey!


BIG thank you

        to our newest            Rotary Heroes

The Rotary Club of Godalming

who have just purchased an Ocean World Teachers Box and FIVE Sample Book Packs. 

Glowing with pride they are the latest on the list of

Gloria’s Heroes

There’s MORE !!!

A BIG well done to the

Rotary Club of City of Liverpool 

FIVE sample book packs going out to schools !

You are my Rotary Heroes !! 

Lucky children in LIVERPOOL !

Well done Wales !

Congratulations to the

Rotary Club of Prestatyn 

for purchasing TEN packs of ALL the books for your local primary schools. 

Welcome  – you definitely are… 


Yeah! – Scotland again joins the ranks of the heroes list.

This time 

Rotary Club of Irvine Seagate in beautiful Scotland have ordered a Ocean World Teacher’s Resource – and will be asking their local primary schools to decide what gifts they would like. 

Well done Irvine Seagate!

You are welcomed into the very special gang of Rotary Clubs who are recognised as



Well done !! 

Rotary Club of Addiscombe and Shirley  

for buying books for the younger 3-6 year old age group and donating these books to primary schools. 

Incredible work – and congratulations – you are now in the gang of


Rotary Heroes

An enormous


to the

Rotary Club of Kew Gardens

for gifting

SIX Teachers’ Resource Boxes

to Primary Schools in their community. 

This is a tremendous effort – and means that both for now and the future there are loads of children who will understand the need to become environmentally responsible young people.

Welcome to the very special ‘club’ of Gloria’s Rotary Heroes

London Again

This time it’s the

Rotary Club of Lewisham & Penge

who have just purchased 25 copies of ‘Eye of the Turtle’ for use in the classroom by teachers dealing with children who are having difficulty in learning to read. 

Welcome to the Rotary Heroes Club – you are all doing so fantastically well! 

The children of London are so lucky to have you all helping them to learn.

July 2021 –

 My Own Local Heroes !

I’m now reporting on work and gifts given in the past year by my own Club – 

Rotary Club of Canterbury Sunrise.

In the past year we have gifted one Teacher’s pack to a local school. 

I have visited four other local primary schools and completed  Weird Fish Lady workshops at each school including a whole school visit during Oceans week, a Year 4 and a Year 5 visit, and visits to two Year 6 groups. I revisited the last school at the end of term and we also gifted 60 books to those Year 6 leavers. 

My Club are also conducting a feasibility study to improve an area of  another local school as part of an Environmental Grant Project  to include materials for an Outdoor Learning Area in the grounds of the school. 

Members of my Club are giving their time to get hand’s on with the Outdoor Learning project .

Thank you to all those Rotarians in the Rotary Club of Canterbury Sunrise who have given so much time and energy to working with schools this year – a fantastic record of both Environmental and Educational support for these local Canterbury Schools. 

You are my Special Heroes – and yes – I am biased !!!

An incredible achievement by the  Rotary Club of Seaford, East Sussex FIVE Teacher’s Resource boxes have gone to local primary schools. 

When asked if they would like to have a box – the  Rotarians were blown away by the schools’ immediate and grateful responses. 

The name of Rotary is now well-loved and respected in the town of Seaford… Well done Team Seaford!)

Enormous ‘thank you’s ‘ go to all my Rotary Club Heroes  – well done every one of you!

RC Chestfield – Kent

RC Pontllanfraith – Wales

RC Lunesdale – Lancashire

RC Sidcup – Kent

RC Chelwood Bridge – Somerset

Rotary e-club West Scotland – Scotland

RC Titsey – Surrey

RC Godalming – Surrey

RC City of Liverpool – Liverpool

RC Prestatyn – Wales

RC Irvine Seagate – Scotland

RC Addiscombe & Shirley – Surrey

RC Kew Gardens – London

RC Lewisham & Penge – London 

RC Canterbury Sunrise – Kent

RC Seagate – East Sussex

A fantastic suggestion from a Rotary Club –

‘The World Beneath the Waves book would  make a great prize for a school competition!’

Just saying ……


 Special prices are available for bulk orders for schools  and organisations such as Rotary Clubs, Scouts and Girl Guides

Information is at the bottom of the

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