UPDATE on Gloria’s Talks to Rotary Clubs 

Over 150 different Rotary Clubs and Districts around the world have enjoyed Gloria’s zoom presentations of ‘Ocean World’ during the covid pandemic period. However, life is no longer in lockdown and Gloria is busy once again travelling and talking to audiences LIVE on stages around the world.

Requests are still coming in for Gloria to talk to individual Rotary Clubs, but although it is almost impossible now to fit the zoom Club visits into her busy schedule you can still hear her talks!   She can be in two places at once!

Why not put a date in your Speakers calendar and take the opportunity to purchase an environmental talk Gloria has available in the form of a pre-recorded 30-minute talk?  Watching a pre-recorded talk will give your Club the flexibility to educate/entertain your club members at any time.

Please note:  The prices quoted on this page are for Rotary Clubs only. As a fellow Rotarian, Gloria understands the time and hard work that Rotarians give in service to their local communities. Only Rotarians who help their local primary schools by gifting books to the schools can take advantage of these very special offers. 

The  pre-recorded talk : Ocean World

 ‘ Ocean World’ –  and learn why we all need to keep Oceans healthy ?

Why doesn’t your Club arrange for a  ‘recorded’ visit from the WeirdFish Lady? 

You don’t have to miss out – just because Gloria is in the middle of the Atlantic!

Want to organise a recorded talk? 

There is a  special offer for Rotary Clubs:   When you organise a talk to your Rotary Club – the pre-recorded talk will cost just £50. However, your Club will also receive a  £50 voucher to spend on environmental educational resources !! 

Why is this crazy offer being made to Rotarians? Well, during her talks, Gloria encourages Rotary Clubs to get involved with an environmental project in their own local primary schools – by buying education resources from her to gift to schools. Details of all the resources and options for purchase are detailed below.

Surely – this is a win-win situation – your Club gets an entertaining and educational talk – and your local schools gain gifts of essential environmental resources!   You can also arrange for Gloria to visit schools by ZOOM as the ‘WeirdFish Lady’. A ‘WeirdFish Lady’ visit arranged by a Rotary club will cost £50 but also receives a £50 voucher.

Contact Gloria direct by hitting the Get in Touch button at the top of this page to arrange a pre-recorded talk to your Club, or to organise a WeirdFish Lady visit in one of your local schools.  


What you can spend your £50 voucher on !!

Ocean World Teachers Resource

What is the ‘Ocean World Teachers’ Resource’?

We have put together a package which allows the teacher to become an overnight expert on the world’s oceans without having to do any research of their own. What they receive is a selection of flexible activities, plus Power Points for use in introducing the various areas of the project. There are original film clips and a film guide together with a copy of the non-fiction book ‘The Amazing World Beneath the Waves’ plus games which reinforce learning. Teachers can use these materials from the next morning if they wish. It really is that simple … no searching on the internet for information, no anxious thoughts or worries about whether their teaching is factual, and no wondering whether their pupils are going to enjoy what the teacher is teaching.

As teachers ourselves, we know from experience that our materials can really excite and involve the students, encouraging them to learn more about their planet. If teachers are geared up to teach about really important issues, and children understand and are encouraged to be good citizens of the world – then this project really is a win, win scenario!

This superb resource is available to purchase at £59.00.  Click here to go to the shop – 



Or you could spend your £50 voucher on BOOKS!

Go to the book page to make your purchase decisions. 

Click here



A recommendation from Cardiff Bay Rotary Club 

Here at Rotary Club of Cardiff Bay we were delighted to work with Gloria Barnett – the WeirdFish Lady – when we funded a ZOOM visit from her to the Whitchurch Primary School.

We booked 12th November.  Plans were agreed between the Weird Fish lady and our lead year 5 teacher Nikki and the day soon came around.

The zoom visit started with a 20-minute narrated video to the whole of KS2 in Assembly. (Years 4, 5 and 6).  This talk was designed to help understanding of the ocean world and life in the oceans.

Break-out sessions followed with individual classes from Year 5.

The breakout sessions are based on video information (including original film clips) and Q&A sessions with the children.

There are three specific areas which the WeirdFish Lady helps children to understand:

  1. ‘Save the Planet’ – where children learn about the problems of excess carbon dioxide in the oceans and the root cause – fossil fuels!
  1. ii) ‘Alien World’ – the oceans as seen through the eyes of a scuba diver’

            iii)           ‘Night diving’ – followed by a quiz.

We managed to manipulate the timings so that the Year 5 children in Whitchurch Primary were able to do all three breakout sessions.

The children were keen to ask questions and they were obviously enjoying their morning.

The teacher wrote to us afterwards….

The whole experience has been invaluable to raising the children’s awareness – Thank you again for making it possible!’


Rotary Club of Cardiff Bay paid the £50 fee to the WeirdFish Lady for the visit to the school, and amazingly, in return for this fee, we received a £50 voucher to spend on resources for the school.  This is an incredibly generous offer – but based on Gloria’s wishes to get as many WeirdFish Lady resources into schools as possible. In consultation with our teacher Nikki, Gloria sent us a parcel containing a complete set of the 3-book series of Lucy Morgan adventure stories for 8-12-year olds, plus two non-fiction books The Amazing World Beneath the Waves and 50 Fabulous facts about Ocean Creatures. This really was a win-win offer – and we in RCCB were delighted to take part in educating young people about their planet, and in particular the oceans.  We recommend all Rotary clubs get involved in this educational project.

Mary Davies. Rotary Club of Cardiff Bay. December 2021


Essential facts about the Ocean that we all need to know:

99.9% of all life on Earth needs oxygen to survive

80% of the oxygen available in the atmosphere is produced from seagrass and plankton in the oceans.

(only 20% of oxygen comes from rain forest)

 It is vital that everyone understands the importance of keeping our oceans healthy.

‘Click  on the video on the right to find out ALL the information you need to understand the Teacher’s Resources and books available for you to GIFT to schools.’

“Rotary Clubs around the UK are becoming

‘Gloria’s Rotary Heroes

for the environmental work they are now doing with Primary School children. 

These Rotary Clubs are gifting educational resources to   primary schools.


Well done everyone !”

It all started in July 2020

One hundred and twenty copies of ‘Eye of the Turtle’ books were given to Year 6 Primary School pupils in Kent as leaving presents.

(July 2020) 

Thanks to the Rotary Club of Chestfield.

You are my heroes!

for gifting these to help children understand more about the ocean environment.

…  signing them all took a while!


A big thank you to the Rotary Club of Pontllanfraith in Wales for purchasing twenty-two ‘Eye of the Turtle’ books for local Primary School libraries.

You are my heroes for 

‘helping to educate young people about the ocean environment’ 

Thanks everyone !

More heroes on my list

 Rotary Club of


Following my  ‘Ocean World’

zoom talk last week they have just purchased a sample book pack for each of the primary schools in their area.

Fantastic ! Let’s hope the schools go

on to buy the Ocean World Teacher’s

Resource too and then have

fascinating lessons for 8-12-year-olds

on oceans, as well as exciting reading


You are my Rotary Heroes


Go to the bottom of the BOOKS

of this page for details of

special bulk order book prices for schools.

New Heroes on the block!

A BIG thank you goes to the

Rotary Club of Sidcup

for purchasing sample book packs and an Ocean World Teachers Resource for a local school.  This is a double whammy – as  Teachers get a valuable resource and children get exciting stories to read. 


More Heroic Deeds!

RC of Chelwood Bridge

have ordered copies of every resource we have published – they’re now making their decisions on how they are going to use these resources to help their local Primary Schools. 

Great work in Somerset.

 Thanks, everyone.

More Heroes

 eRotary Club of West Scotland

purchased TWO Ocean World Teacher’s Resource Boxes –  the teachers are so excited! 

Thank you West Scotland!

AND even more Heroes !

 Rotary Club of Titsey in Surrey

have purchased 42 books as leaving presents for a Primary school in Surrey.

Thank you Titsey!


BIG thank you

        to our newest            Rotary Heroes

The Rotary Club of Godalming

who have just purchased an Ocean World Teachers Box and FIVE Sample Book Packs. 

Glowing with pride they are the latest on the list of

Gloria’s Heroes

There’s MORE !!!

A BIG well done to the

Rotary Club of City of Liverpool 

FIVE sample book packs going out to schools !

You are my Rotary Heroes !! 

Lucky children in LIVERPOOL !

Well done Wales !

Congratulations to the

Rotary Club of Prestatyn 

for purchasing TEN packs of ALL the books for your local primary schools. 

Welcome  – you definitely are… 


Yeah! – Scotland again joins the ranks of the heroes list.

This time 

Rotary Club of Irvine Seagate in beautiful Scotland have ordered a Ocean World Teacher’s Resource – and will be asking their local primary schools to decide what gifts they would like. 

Well done Irvine Seagate!

You are welcomed into the very special gang of Rotary Clubs who are recognised as



Well done !! 

Rotary Club of Addiscombe and Shirley  

for buying books for the younger 3-6 year old age group and donating these books to primary schools. 

Incredible work – and congratulations – you are now in the gang of


Rotary Heroes

An enormous


to the

Rotary Club of Kew Gardens

for gifting

SIX Teachers’ Resource Boxes

to Primary Schools in their community. 

This is a tremendous effort – and means that both for now and the future there are loads of children who will understand the need to become environmentally responsible young people.

Welcome to the very special ‘club’ of Gloria’s Rotary Heroes

London Again

This time it’s the

Rotary Club of Lewisham & Penge

who have just purchased 25 copies of ‘Eye of the Turtle’ for use in the classroom by teachers dealing with children who are having difficulty in learning to read. 

Welcome to the Rotary Heroes Club – you are all doing so fantastically well! 

The children of London are so lucky to have you all helping them to learn.

July 2021 –

 My Own Local Heroes !

I’m now reporting on work and gifts given in the past year by my own Club – 

Rotary Club of Canterbury Sunrise.

In the past year we have gifted one Teacher’s pack to a local school. 

I have visited four other local primary schools and completed  Weird Fish Lady workshops at each school including a whole school visit during Oceans week, a Year 4 and a Year 5 visit, and visits to two Year 6 groups. I revisited the last school at the end of term and we also gifted 60 books to those Year 6 leavers. 

My Club are also conducting a feasibility study to improve an area of  another local school as part of an Environmental Grant Project  to include materials for an Outdoor Learning Area in the grounds of the school. 

Members of my Club are giving their time to get hand’s on with the Outdoor Learning project .

Thank you to all those Rotarians in the Rotary Club of Canterbury Sunrise who have given so much time and energy to working with schools this year – a fantastic record of both Environmental and Educational support for these local Canterbury Schools. 

You are my Special Heroes – and yes – I am biased !!!

An incredible achievement by the  Rotary Club of Seaford, East Sussex FIVE Teacher’s Resource boxes have gone to local primary schools. 

When asked if they would like to have a box – the  Rotarians were blown away by the schools’ immediate and grateful responses. 

The name of Rotary is now well-loved and respected in the town of Seaford… Well done Team Seaford!)

Not Just ONE Order – BUT TWO !!!  

Well done to all the Rotarians in

West Wickham Rotary Club

for organising  both a Teachers Pack and supplies of Logan the Lobster and Eye of the Turtle to a local school.  

BUT then – they found another school to help as well – and that school requested a gift of a Teachers resource and a class set of Eye of the turtle books. 

Lucky pupils in West Wickham – and definitely a Rotary Heroes Award goes to the Rotarians of West Wickham.    All it takes to help educate these pupils is to go and ask the school what they would like as a gift !! Easy !!!

The name of ROTARY is held in high esteem in West Wickham now. 

We are delighted to have been able to donate 70 books to Wickham Common Primary School , along with Teachers’ Resource Packs, for the children to learn more about our oceans, the environment and conservation.
The books have been written by Gloria Barnett ( a.k.a. “The Weird Fish Lady”), who is a widely acclaimed conservation author.
Debbie Allis, the Head Teacher, said that the children and teachers love the books and the resources and are fighting over which year group will us the first!.
Pictured here are some of the children with their books, along with Barry Fenton, President of Rotary West Wickham and members Barbara Minto and Mandy Hopkins.

An enormous THANK YOU to

President Jean Smith and Rotarian John Sharman for gifting books to NINE  schools in Prestatyn! 

Fantastic effort – thank you, everyone, in Rotary Club of Prestatyn for helping young people understand the importance of the oceans.

A member of the Prestatyn Rotary Club donated some children’s books, written by Gloria Barnett, known as The Weird Fish Lady, to be given to local Schools in Prestatyn. These are books about the marine problems the world has and explains them to young children in stories and pictures. As we live near the sea, these books may help to spark an interest in our environment.

Age 3-6. Two books in the series are Logan the Lobster and Prickle the Puffer Fish.

Age 8-12. There are three books in this adventure series and they are stories about 3 young people exploring the sea and coastline, determined to protect marine creatures and their habitat. It was decided to donate the books to all nine local schools in the Prestatyn area. One of each of the above books was donated to each school,  plus a Christmas storybook. All 6 books in a special bag were delivered to the nine Schools.

The Christmas Stories book was written/published as part of an initiative by four members of the Rotary Club of Canterbury Sunrise to raise funds from the sale of these books for two Canterbury Youth charities.

So both the schools and the Canterbury charities have both received gifts from a Rotary Club – double whammy folks!! 

Well done everyone!

Teacher’s Comments

‘We loved receiving these books.    It was a lovely surprise and super that the Rotary Club thought of us.’

‘Our children love reading books and they are very keen on our environment, especially protecting our world.   These books are wonderful.   Thank you so very much.’

‘It was kind of you to think of our children in Prestatyn. We are very grateful for the donation.’

Enormous ‘thank you’s ‘ go to all my Rotary Club Heroes  – well done every one of you!

RC Chestfield – Kent

RC Pontllanfraith – Wales

RC Lunesdale – Lancashire

RC Sidcup – Kent

RC Chelwood Bridge – Somerset

Rotary e-club West Scotland – Scotland

RC Titsey – Surrey

RC Godalming – Surrey

RC City of Liverpool – Liverpool

RC Prestatyn – Wales

RC Irvine Seagate – Scotland

RC Addiscombe & Shirley – Surrey

RC Kew Gardens – London

RC Lewisham & Penge – London 

RC Canterbury Sunrise – Kent

RC Seagate – East Sussex

RC West Wickham

A fantastic suggestion from a Rotary Club –

‘The World Beneath the Waves book would  make a great prize for a school competition!’

Just saying ……


 Special prices are available for bulk orders for schools  and organisations such as Rotary Clubs, Scouts and Girl Guides

Information is at the bottom of the

BOOKS page on this website.

‘Get in touch’ with our team by email (see the button at the top of this page) for individual bulk order requirements. We’re happy to help.