Gloria (the WeirdFish Lady) is an author, speaker, educator
and champion for the ocean environment.

The latest review about Gloria’s work …

‘Gloria has deep knowledge of the world’s oceans – the way they function, their role in Earth’s climate systems, the life they harbour, and how all of this responds to human disturbance. Gloria’s knowledge is not just academic, as she has sailed and dived in many oceans around the world. Yet Gloria is above all a science educator, gifted at public speaking and as an author of children’s books about the oceans.’ 

Alan J. Hesse – Author and Conservationist (January 2022)

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Hi everyone

Great news – ‘The Secret of the Shallows’  

is a FINALIST in the Wishing Shelf Awards.

This award is chosen by the children who are reading it.

Breaking News

A great, new review for “The Secret of the Shallows” – the second book in the series of Lucy Morgan Adventure Series.


 January 2022

TITLE: The Secrets of the Shallows:

AUTHOR: Gloria Barnett

Star FOUR STAR rating

‘A twisting, turning ‘battle the odds’ adventure story for 9 –13 year olds.’

I can sum the plot up for you in a sentence: the young protagonist (Lucy) and her pals discover that humans are destroying an underwater habitat and do everything they can to protect it. If that all sounds very ‘politically correct’, then, yes, it sort of is. And I for one enjoyed it very much.

Gloria Barnett is a very talented author.  From the opening – and very well-written – first chapter, this is a compelling story. The plot is cleverly constructed, the island and underwater settings are splendidly described, the pacing is spot on – and the characters! Wow! They deliver BIG TIME!                   I particularly liked Lucy; she’s brave, strong-minded, and determined to do the right thing – a good role model for any child. The author knows how to describe the hero’s feelings when battling the odds.

So, who will enjoy this book? To be honest, I think pretty much any child between the age of 9 and 13 will find this a compelling read. It’s predominantly an adventure with plenty happening all of the time.

To sum up, this is a captivating story of mystery solving, overcoming the odds and adventure. 


A Wishing Shelf Review


Gloria’s Latest Book Release


The Fishy Tales Picture Books: 

Logan the Lobster


                                    Prickle the Puffer Fish                      

are now available from AMAZON as ebooks.


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Firstly – let me tell you about Gloria …

Based in Kent in the UK, she is an 

author, speaker, educator and champion for the ocean environment.


  • speaks to all generations and has been applauded for her ability to explain science in everyday language and with humour

  • writes fiction and non-fiction books to increase awareness  about her subject 

  • produces teaching resources  and regularly visits schools as the ‘Weird Fish Lady’ helping young people engage with the problems facing our planet.

In the past year, Gloria has spoken to audiences all over the UK, Australia, South Africa, the USA and Norway about the importance of oceans to life on Earth. Her talks are illustrated with original photos and underwater video. 

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‘The WeirdFish Lady’

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‘Yeah – Okay, Prickle – but

 just remember I talk about ‘Weird Fish’ – I’m NOT a  Weird Lady …OK !

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‘My love of the sea comes from travelling around the world exploring our planet’s oceans.

Diving with my video camera has brought me face to face with the underwater creatures I talk and write  about.

My mission is to help people of all ages understand the amazing  world of oceans.’

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with Gloria in the Red Sea in Egypt. 

This is a wreck of a ship that sank in 1874. See if you can see any metal bits between all the coral that has since grown on the ship.

Why don’t you visit the book page – and see what books Gloria has written for all age groups.


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