Logan the Lobster


The Fishy Tales Series ( Early Readers)
Written by Gloria Barnett
Illustrated by Pam Clubb

Logan is a tiny spiny Lobster. But he’s different from all the other spiny lobsters in the sea. Will the other baby lobsters play with him? Will he make friends? Does it matter that he’s different?

 ‘Fishy Tale Storybooks’ combine scientific facts with fun underwater storylines.


LOGAN was different from all the other little lobsters. Would they be his friends? Would they play with him?

A Fishy Tale Storybook combining scientific facts with fun underwater storylines.

Stories that are entertaining, informative, and a good introduction to the myriad and diverse life in the oceans. These are tales dealing with a wide variety of moral values, feelings, and other aspects of personal and social well-being. Great for parents to share with youngsters with lots of starting points for discussion.


Scientist, Author and Presenter, Gloria is also a master scuba diver, sailor, and filmmaker. She takes a video camera underwater when diving, and enjoys editing her original films of bizarre and fascinating marine life. She has worked as a science educator, consultant, and educational advisor – helping to train science teachers how to teach ‘exciting science’. Gloria now travels the world lecturing and teaching young and old about our incredible planet and its amazing sea life.


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