FishyTale Storybooks – Pack of Three Books


Perfect for reading to little people, or for them to read themselves as they get older.

These stories are about ‘real’ animals and there is scientific information about the oceans in the back of the books.


Buy your Fishy Tale Storybooks in a pack of all three available titles. Reduced price for buying the three books together.

  1. Logan the Lobster
  2. Prickle the Puffer Fish
  3. Ravi the Ray

 Perfect for 3-6-year-olds. The stories are entertaining, informative and a good introduction to myriad and diverse life in the oceans. These tales deal with a wide variety of moral values, feelings, and other aspects of personal and social well-being. Great for parents to share with youngsters and lots of starting points for discussion.

“These stories are loved by the small people in my classroom, and I’ve learned so much about the ocean environment too.”

Charlotte, Primary School Teacher.


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